Cooking is a combination of cultures, science and art....

As a Philadelphia native with South American influence, Chef Ernest Hines dazzles his staff and patrons with unique fusions of taste and color. Chef Ernest began his career at the Airport-Marriott Hotel and Soho Vallarie Restaurant in the Philadelphia Theater District. In 2006, he was a guest chef on the "Comcast Tailgate" television show to give professional tips and insights for optimum grilling techniques. Currently Ernest owns and operates Spice the Americas Food Truck & Catering (Founded in 20014) in Metro Atlanta.


Chef Ernest is experienced in a wide range of catering services, including weddings, birthdays, themed holidays, social and charity events as well as small gatherings. He also specializes in a wide variety of food themes, with his most focus on South, Central and North American fusions.

Chef Ernest Hines started his career inspired by his father, who recommended keeping things simple and doing something he feels passionate about.. "I like to eat and I love art" he thought, and this lead to the discovery of a natural and unique talent. "I became good at gastronomy by thinking outside of the box, and by feeling that food is a combination of science and art"